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Meet the 2nd Grade Faculty

Etta Bernstein ( 


Etta has worked in education in both public and private school settings, teaching both secular (math, science, music) and Judaic classes.  Etta has worked as a Med Tech at the University of MN.  Etta has also worked at various Jewish schools - Temple Israel, Talmud Torah Day School/Twin Cities Jewish Middle School, Torah Academy, and Talmud Torah of Minneapolis. Etta worked at TTSP Day School for 18 years. Etta has worked at Talmud Torah of Minneapolis for 10 years.


Etta’s skills that give Talmud Torah students an advantage are that in addition to receiving degrees in Music, Education, Hebrew/Jewish Studies she has also received the Minnesota certification for teaching grades K-12,  studied in a program at the U of MN for educating exceptional students, and has extensive work in Torah/Haftarah reading and chanting various tropes. Etta has learned most services and fills in for the Cantor at Adath when needed.


Etta is driven by wanting every student to feel excited about learning. Through love of learning, students can feel confident, proud, and excited about being part of the Jewish community. Students need to know that everyone learns in different ways, at a different pace, with different strengths. Each student is an important part of the community as a whole.  As Etta facilitates the blossoming of each child, she feels she is contributing to the future of our Jewish heritage and, by extension, helping to repair the world of the present and the future.

Nechamit Yaari (


Nechamit earned her B.S. in Education from the University of Wisconsin and is a graduate of the Levinsky Teachers Seminar in Tel Aviv. She has completed coursework in Bible and Hebrew Literature at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem. An Israeli native, Nechamit served in the Israeli army for 2 years and then taught in Israel before moving to the United States.  Nechamit has taught at the Minneapolis Talmud Torah for 42 years.


Nechamit is also always learning.  She has completed courses for the Tal Am Hebrew/Judaics Program. In addition to her work at Talmud Torah, Nechamit joined the Heilicher Jewish day school faculty in 1997. She has an enthusiastic approach, incorporating dance and music into Hebrew and Limudei Kodesh lessons. She has a deep connection to Israel that she brings to the class and travels to Israel every year to attend various seminars to enrich her knowledge in Hebrew and Judaic studies and learn more about different learning styles.  Nechamit is a recipient of the Vivian Mann Jewish Educator of the Year Award and the Grinspoon-Steinhardt Award for Excellence in Jewish Education.  Nechamit’s students are given a strong foundation of reading and writing Hebrew.  Nechamit's enthusiastic approach to teaching motivates her students to love learning. By incorporating music and dance with a broad knowledge of the Jewish holidays, Israeli culture, and the weekly Torah portion, Nechamit's students receive a well-rounded Jewish education.


Nechamit is most curious about and most driven by learning about the brain functions as it relates to learning as well as being educated about various learning styles.  She is the proud mother of three daughters who all graduated with honors from the University of Wisconsin. She enjoys doing ceramics, walking, watching movies, traveling, learning about different cultures and most of all, spending time with her family and friends.






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