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Meet the 3rd Grade Faculty

Barbara Taragan (


Barb has taught children and adults all her life. Barb taught English at the Eshel Hanasi High School in Israel.  She has been a teacher at the Heilicher Minneapolis Jewish Day School as well as the Minneapolis Talmud Torah since living in the United States.


Barb is a Beit Hamidrash graduate from the Minneapolis Talmud Torah. She has a BA from the University of Minnesota in Jewish Studies and Education and a BA from the Ben Gurion University in English and Education.  Barb has a MA in Jewish Studies from Gratz College.


Barb is the proud mother of three children- Maayan, Afek and Yamit and proud grandmother to five granddaughters- Gal, Elah, Einav, Almog and Noa.  Barb loves teaching and sharing her love for Eretz Yisrael, Medinat Yisrael and Clal Yisrael to all her students!

Kara Rosenwald  (  


Kara Rosenwald has worked in Jewish Communities on both the West and East Coasts and for the past 5 years in Minnesota.  Kara has been involved in Jewish Education, both in formal and informal settings for over 20 years.  


Kara considers herself to be an expert at program planning. Being very detail oriented comes from being the daughter of an engineer and an artist, both of her parents taught her important skills that she enjoys using to build successful programs for participants.


Kara is passionate about the idea of understanding. She feels success when her students know the "why" of something. "Why it is done?" "Why it is that way?", etc. This keeps her passionate about constantly continuing her own learning, both in text and theory.






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