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Meet the 7th Grade Faculty

Mary Baumgarten (


Mary has been in the field of Jewish education for over 45 years.  Her experience includes teaching at synagogue schools, day school, and at the Talmud Torah.  Mary also staffed the MABA Program at Herzl Camp for 10 years and directed it for 10 years.  Her longest tenure has been as a faculty member at the Talmud Torah  of Minneapolis, for 43 years. Mary has also been the Education Director at Beth El Synagogue for the past 25 years.


Mary’s passion is working with kids of all ages. She especially loves teaching Torah and having her students grapple with issues that are relevant to their lives.  Mary loves Judaism, Israel, and being Jewish and she hopes that she imparts that to her students.  


Every year Mary works hard at building personal relationships with her students and their families. She feel that this enhances the entire learning experience and helps to build strong partnerships with our families.


Mary has been fortunate to have travelled to many places in the world, learning about the Jewish communities there. This has enriched her personally and professionally.  These days she tries to spend as much time as possible with her children and grandchildren. Mary’s granddaughter, Sella, is now a student in Beth El’s Aleph School so she gets to see her every day. Shoshy, Binny, Ari and Ronji live in New York and they try to see each other frequently.



Avi Baron (


This is Avi’s 7th year teaching at Talmud Torah. Avi has been working with with Jewish youth in various roles since 2007. Currently a camp director, Avi has been working in Jewish summer camps since 2007.


Avi is good at calming a class down, discussion based learning. Avi can relate to children well. He finds the odd-kids and make them feel more comfortable. Avi is an expert at formatting, MS Excel, organizing physical and digital stuff.


vi likes solving puzzles, he loves being a guide to others solving puzzles, and allowing them to become self-reliant in their methods. Teaching others to think critically is something he thinks is incredibly important for our youth to know.






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